Health and Safety

Driver Safety

At Hanley, we ensure that all of our employees are aware of the dangers involved with mobile phone usage behind the wheel. In order to assist and educate our workforce and our customers we will be providing regular driver safety updates and campaigns to help improve road safety safety across all sites.

Driver safety might seem like a simple enough concept, but in truth, a person has several things and habits that are considered unsafe if you think about it. Bad driving habits such as speeding, accelerating aggressively, harsh cornering, and getting distracted can affect driver safety.

Distracted driving behaviours are closely related to crash risk, with the use of mobile phones during driving being one of the leading causes of accidents. Using a mobile phone while driving significantly reduces a driver’s ability to react swiftly to sudden road hazards, such as a pedestrian crossing unexpectedly or a sudden stop by the vehicle ahead. The delayed response time can be the difference between a safe stop and a tragic accident.

  • Research shows that just under a quarter (23%) of all road collisions in Ireland are work-related.
  • A total of 184 people died in 173 fatal collisions in 2023 compared to 155 deaths in 149 collisions in 2022. This represents an increase of 29 deaths or a 19% rise in road deaths compared to 2022.