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The commissioning process does not need to be heavily laboured and cumbersome with a high turnover of staff.


Here at Hanley Calibration we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our clients. Hanley’s have developed a tried and tested commissioning calibration model which serves the needs of the client and end customer over many years as well as proving to be the most cost effective model on the market.

The commissioning process does not need to be heavily laboured and cumbersome with a high turnover of staff.

As subject matter experts, Hanley’s should be your first and only point of contact for instrument/systems calibration commissioning in the Biosciences (project start up) Industry throughout Ireland, UK and Mainland Europe.

The Solution

Following a defined and exhaustive project needs analysis review (pre-tender), Hanley’s wants to mobilize dedicated start up teams of 2 to 4 Calibration Technicians to work side by side with onsite project management commissioning teams.

Hanley’s propose to supply a fully equipped calibration facility and team to cut down on the current onsite issues involved in calibration startup and ownership on project sites.

Hanley’s will achieve this by:

  • Supplying industry trained, competent, and experienced calibration personnel.
  • Supplying ISO9001:2015 certified procedures and compliant documentation.
  • Supplying a complete suite of certified test equipment and facility (if required in container/portable cabin).

Hanley’s will achieve this by

Our onsite calibration Technicians & teams have the experience of implementing our commissioning calibration model. They have site safety experience and are trained on dynamic risk assessments to ensure a Safety culture throughout the life cycle of the project. They are adaptable to project delivery and requirements on request.

When implemented correctly, Hanley’s commissioning calibration model negates the need to “man up” during project commissioning and reduces the need for this costly and mismanaged process.

Through frequent on site meetings, dedicated key performance indicators (KPI’s), continuous improvement initiatives and staff welfare liaison programs; Hanley’s have the tailored commissioning calibration model which is right for your business.

It is always a pleasure to work with the accounts department! Keep up the good work!
Working with your technician has been excellent, he has been flexible, available and knowledgeable, very supportive and always with a smile in his face. You have a good one there!
Technician willingness to be so flexible and put his shoulder to the wheel should be recognised and is greatly appreciated.
Technician is always very flexible and continually plays a vital role in day to day operations, but in this case she went above and beyond what was expected of her. Her work is greatly appreciated.
I want to recognise the efforts by Hanley Calibration in coming up with a very effective solution to a calibration repeatability problem on our site. Excellent innovation and leadership shown. Well done.
Outstanding Service provided in an exceptionally difficult year for the service. On behalf of the Validation and Facility Teams and the Organisation in general.