Green Grant Initiative

Hanley are eager to play our part in reducing carbon emissions. Launching our Green Grant Initiative ensures our employees play a vital role in this environmental impact.

Hanley Green Grant Initiative (GGI)

Ireland has a target to reduce carbon emissions (greenhouse gas emissions) by 51% by 2030, and to achieve a climate neutral economy by 2050. In order to do this, businesses are encouraged to invest in a greener future, through sustainable products, services and business models.

Hanley are eager to play our part in reducing carbon emissions and that’s why we were happy to launch  the Green Grant Initiative back in 2022. Under the Green Grant Initiative, we  reward employees who are making any extra efforts to reduce carbon emissions in their day to day lives. A grant of up to €500 will be made available for all employees as a one off payment.

*Note this grant does not affect your ability to apply for any government grants and is completely separate to this process*

What the grant can be used for:

Employee's Green Grant Initiative

Installed 14 PV Solar Panels

The system is capable of producing 6.09 KW of power/hr. Any excess power generated is stored in a 5KW battery to supply the house and when the battery is full any excess power generated is sold back to the grid.

Installed Wood Pellet Burner

A wood pellet burner is efficient, convenient, and operated by wood pellet fuel. It produces very little wood smoke.

Changing to Electric

With an average of 20,000km’s a year driving with a diesel engine, I am saving approximately 5 metric tonnes of CO2 Emissions by switching to electric

Replaced Gas Fire with Thermal Smart Heaters

I replaced my gas fire with two 750W Lifetime Thermal Smart Heaters. This now puts my BER rating at B2, as the chimney breast was able to be sealed up, providing better insulation and less draft.

Solar Panels

I installed 10 PV Solar Panels, which have resulted Putting my BER rating at B1

Upgraded Windows and Door

I upgraded my windows and door, which has resulted in an estimated reduction of 50 kWh/m2/yr. This now puts my BER rating at around C2.

Upgraded Attic Insulation

I upgraded the insulation in our attic with spray foam insulation. Along with this, I also put in 200mm Earthwool Attic Loft Roll. This has resulted in an estimated reduction in my BER rating from a C- to a B+.

Upgraded to Double-Glazed Windows and Attic Insulation

I replaced the old single glazed windows in my home with Double Glazed uPVC 28mm DGU windows which will help for insulation and noise reduction. In conjunction with this, I also insulated the Attic with 400mm Metac Insulation. With the new windows and attic insulation my BER rating has improved from an F to a D1.

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