Calibration Programme Management

Hanley Calibration entered the market 30 years ago to provide calibration support to the newly growing Irish pharmaceutical & medical device Industries.

Calibration & Maintenance Contracts

Hanley Calibration entered the market 30 years ago to provide calibration support to the newly growing Irish pharmaceutical & medical device Industries. In doing so, Hanley’s partnered and helped develop the world class leading Calibration & Maintenance programs which now exist in the Biosciences Industries throughout Ireland.

Calibration compliance is integral to the life cycle of every piece of Instrumentation. Here at Hanley’s, we pride ourselves on executing industry compliant calibrations using our extensive range of Test Equipment.

Through in house training programs as well as fully audited & compliant procedures, our staff are trained in Calibration methods and the importance of Compliance from the beginning of their employment regardless of their experience.

We achieve this through continuous assessments & appraisals while working with Hanley’s. We pride ourselves on being people-people whether it’s staff or customers. We see the value in being human and developing relationships.

Trust is defined as “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”.

Here at Hanley’s, we pride ourselves on the trust of our customers. This has helped develop the type of contracts & services we now deliver today.

These can be broken down as follows

  • Hanley calibration Program Management: Hanley’s will manage the full calibration program across site (one stop shop). Hanley’s will utilize the existing calibration maintenance program and CMMS software under the clients’ umbrella of procedural requirements. Hanley’s’ will develop a clear set of KPI’s to monitor performance and encourage continuous improvements. Hanley’s will manage all on boarding of critical resources including Calibration supervisor, Calibration Technicians, Planners & Administrators.
  • Hanley embedded resource support: Hanley’s can support existing metrology, calibration, engineering and maintenance departments by supplying qualified, trained and experienced personnel. Hanley’s achieve this by offering opportunities to existing staff or recruiting & networking smartly. Hanley’s have developed this tailored solution model in partnership with our customers’ so that now we supply technical resources in many different disciplines.
  • Hanley mobile calibration Technician: Not all customers have the requirement for a full time resource. Hanley’s can supply short (person in a van), medium or long term support solutions complete with a fully audited and compliant ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, test equipment and trained & competent personnel.
  • Hanley calibration program setup: Either during commissioning/qualification phase or following, Hanley’s have the experience, procedures and proven track record in Calibration program setup. Hanley’s can complete CAT (criticality, accuracy & tolerance) assessments through consultation with the client and experience from Industry to define classifications and develop procedures around the Calibration program. Hanley’s’ often work with customers from “birth certificate” calibrations through to sustaining calibration programs supporting operations and maintenance.
  • Hanley Maintenance Services: As an approved supplier/vendor to many of our customers, we have branched out into Maintenance Technician support. Sourcing utilities, facilities, process and maintenance technicians in Electrical, Mechanical & combined E&I disciplines. We achieve this with access to over 5000 current CVS to enable us to build the right candidate profile for you.

Hanley’s have Calibration Systems Experience on processes including HVAC, AHU, Water Systems, Process, Manufacturing, Packaging, Utilities & Laboratories as well as others.

Hanley’s have experience working on client platforms including BMS, QBMS, local PLC and DCS.

Hanley’s ISO9001:2015 scope covers all process measurements including Temperature, Pressure, Level, Weight, Flow, Speed, Time, Analytical, and Dimensional.

It is always a pleasure to work with the accounts department! Keep up the good work!
Working with your technician has been excellent, he has been flexible, available and knowledgeable, very supportive and always with a smile in his face. You have a good one there!
Technician willingness to be so flexible and put his shoulder to the wheel should be recognised and is greatly appreciated.
Technician is always very flexible and continually plays a vital role in day to day operations, but in this case she went above and beyond what was expected of her. Her work is greatly appreciated.
I want to recognise the efforts by Hanley Calibration in coming up with a very effective solution to a calibration repeatability problem on our site. Excellent innovation and leadership shown. Well done.
Outstanding Service provided in an exceptionally difficult year for the service. On behalf of the Validation and Facility Teams and the Organisation in general.


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