Green Grant Initiative

Once again, we would like to show off our hugely successful Green Grant InitiativešŸŒ±

Hanley employees LOVEĀ  to avail of this rewarding incentive. Not only do you receive a cash grant but you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprintšŸ‘£,Ā  why wouldn’t you give it a go?

My name is Martyn Dolan and Iā€™ve worked with Hanley Calibration for four years. Iā€™m currently working in Mallinckrodt as a Calibration Technician.

Steps Taken: To reduce my carbon footprint, I recently had new windows and doors installed at my home in Dublin.

Environmental Impact: This resulted in an estimated reduction of 50 kWh/mĀ²/yr that now puts my BER rating around C2!

Cost Savings: This now has reduced my annual heating bills by an estimated 22%!

The Green Grant initiative provided by Hanley has greatly helped with the installation costs. Martyn and his adorable little girl strongly encourage everyone to get involvedšŸ‘

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