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New York, New York

Hanley on Tour!

It was brilliant to see our very own Pat Fadian visit New York and the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Centre (as well as some other well know New York attractions) alongside some other Amgen Employees.

This was fantastic opportunity for Pat meet new people and be part of the discussion around some of its current, cutting edge applications.

Part of this seminar Pat also had the opportunity to see spot the AI robotic dog.  An innovation from IBM and Boston dynamics. This revolutionary agile mobile robot has many business opportunities either it to mitigate safety risks to workforce, automate inspection tasks or increase maintenance productivity by inspecting or monitoring systems.

He also got up close with the quantum computer in all its glory “Quantum computing is a rapidly-emerging technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for classical computers”

As always Hanley have been working hard to deliver and by Introducing key improvements within our partnership to our clients  (in the Calibration / Validation /  Resource hire  / planning and scheduling of maintenance and asset Management) and this is just another step towards offering our clients with best in class service.

Opportunities like this will continue to nurture our relationships, support character growth, support nurturing team talent, and help us continue to be innovative.