SETU Visit

Our team of Gavin Delaney and Robbie Mooney took a visit to Carlow yesterday to the South East Technological University in order to get a view of the incredible services they offer when training up apprentices in the Instrumentation discipline. The point of the visit was to ensure we could give our own apprentices a better insight into what to expect prior to them going on block release!

Some of Robbie’s comments below:

“I was really impressed to see how far it had come since I  first darkened its doors in 2003, as the Carlow Institute of technology or the CIT it was known as back then. The test equipment they have for the students to hone their craft is of the highest quality and of industry standard, such as Emerson TREX Hart communicators and fairly impressive flow and level control rigs, definitely not hand me downs to practice on as it was in my day.

There has been an Investment of over half million euros in test equipment and facilities both in the E&I and I apprenticeship program within the last 5 to 7 years.

It was well worth the visit and glad we found the time. Special thanks to our contact Eddie for a great insight into the day to day workings of the college”.